Kawai ES-520 Digital Piano

Kawai ES-520 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES Series has been designed to deliver the finest playing experience possible within a portable piano. These stylish instruments are ideally suited to musicians seeking a piano that provides an authentic keyboard action and a selection of inspiring sounds, yet can still be moved easily, or placed on an attractive furniture stand without occupying too much space.

The latest ES Series models are also an excellent choice for gigging musicians, academic institutions, and places of worship, thanks to their lightweight body, powerful speaker systems, and great audio connectivity. And with a slew of customisable settings, Bluetooth MIDI and audio, and engaging apps, the ES Series instruments are also extremely personal pianos, that players of all ages and abilities can take pride in owning.

Kawai ES-520 Digital Piano

■ Authentic Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action
■ Matte key surfaces, triple sensor hammer detection
■ Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound engine with 88-key sampling
■ Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX grand piano sounds
■ Premium amplification hardware, powerful 40W speaker system
■ Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio wireless technology
■ Standard MIDI, USB to Host/Device, Audio In/Out connectivity
■ Spatial Headphone Sound for enhanced depth and realism
■ Intuitive control panel layout with high quality OLED display
■ Modern, lightweight case with matching stand and triple pedal unit

Kawai ES-520 Digital Piano

The Touch of a Grand Piano: Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action
Kawai’s ES series of instruments are high-performance, 88-key portable digital pianos suitable for the home, stage, recital hall, or classroom.

The ES520’s Responsive Hammer Compact II (RHCII) keyboard action has been developed to represent the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano. Based on the highly-regarded RH keyboard action design, its spring-less technology and sturdy construction delivers consistent upward and downward motion for a smooth, natural, and highly authentic piano playing experience.

Acoustic piano key weighting
Just as acoustic pianos utilise heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers, the RHCII keyboard action also employs different hammer weights, appropriately graded for each playing range.

The Variety of a Digital Piano: Convenience & Flexibility
Complementing the instrument’s authentic Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action and Progressive Harmonic Imaging grand piano sounds, the ES520 also offers a strong selection of digital piano features that further enhance one’s musical enjoyment.

Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity
In addition to standard USB and MIDI jacks for connecting to computers or other instruments, the ES520 also features integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio technologies that allow the instrument to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly.

Once paired with a phone, tablet, or laptop, ES520 owners can enjoy a wide variety of exciting music-related apps that enhance their learning and playing experience, or stream audio from songs and videos directly through the instrument’s powerful speaker system without the need to connect additional cables.

Kawai ES-520 Digital Piano


Action: Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC II)
Keys: 88 Weighted Action
Key Surface: Matt
Velocity Curves: Light, Normal, Heavy, Off (Constant)

Sound Source: Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ (PHI), 88-key piano sampling
Sounds: 34, Grand Pianos: Shigeru Kawai EX, Kawai EX Piano: 8 sounds, Electric Piano: 6 sounds, Organ: 5 sounds Harpsichord/Mallets: 4 sounds, Strings/Choir: 8 sounds, Bass: 5 sounds)
Polyphony: 192 Note
Virtual Technician: Touch Curve, Voicing, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Key-off Effect, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard, Decay Time, Minimum Touch, Stretch Tuning/Stretch Curve, Temperament, Temperament Key, User Key Volume, Half-Pedal Adjust, Soft Pedal Depth
Keyboard Modes: Dual, Split, 4 Hands (Volume/Balance adjustable)
Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral – each with Depth and Time
Effects: Stereo Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Phaser, Rotary and 4 combination effects – each with Dry/Wet, Time, Speed, Feedback, High Damp, Depth (Parameters depend on Effect type.)
Tuning: Equal (Piano Only), Pure (Major), Pure (Minor), Pythagorean, Meantone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Equal (Flat), Equal (Stretch), USER

Metronome: 10 Beats, Tempo and Volume adjustable; 100 rhythms (x 2 variations), 4-part accompaniment, 100 preset chord sequences
Internal Recorder: 3 Songs, 1 Tracks – max. 5,000 notes
Demo Songs: 23

Display: 128 x 64 pixel OLED
Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Ver. 4.1; GATT compatible); Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant, Bluetooth Audio
Registrations: 28 Memories
USB: Save Internal Song, Load Registration, Save Registration, Rename File, Delete File
Other: Key/Song Transpose, Tone Control (incl. Brilliance, UserEQ), Wall EQ, Speaker Volume, Low Volume Balance, Phones Volume, Line Out Volume, Tuning, Damper Hold, GFP-3 Mode, Four Hands, Startup Setting, Factory Reset, Auto Power Off, Lower Octave Shift, Lower Pedal On/Off, Split Balance, Layer Octave Shift, Layer Dynamics, Dual Balance, SHS Mode, Phones Type, MIDI Channel, Send PGM#, Local Control, Transmit PGM#, Multi-timbral Mode, Channel Mute, Auto Power Off, Speakers On/Off

Headphone Jacks x 2 (1/4″, 1/8″)
Line Out Jacks: (1/4″ L/MONO & R) | USB to Host
Function Jack: Damper

Sound System
Amplifier: 2 x 20 W
Speakers: 2 x 12 cm with Bass-Reflex-System
Power Consumption: 18 W (PS-129 AC adapter)

Pedal: F10H Sustain Pedal with Half-Damper function (included)

1340 mm (W) x 375 mm (D) x 145 mm (H)
Weight: 14.5 kg

Colours: Black | White
Stand: HM-5 Designer
Pedals: F-302 Grand Feel
Pedals: GFP-3 triple pedal unit