Yamaha YOB 431B Black Oboe


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Yamaha’s Intermediate models feature a design based upon our Custom models, and are produced with the same painstaking care. Like our top models, they also receive a high level of hand crafting, and the same experienced artisans oversee every step in their production. These oboes feature surprisingly accurate intonation and are comfortable and responsive to play. Their tone characteristics feature a rich spectrum of colours permitting the most subtle musical expression. And the keys have been carefully designed for ergonomic comfort as well as a balanced playablity.
Grenadilla bod


Trill Keys: C#-D#, F#-G#, Ab-Bb, A#-B, B-C#, Left C-D, Right C-D

Auxiliary Keys: 3rd Octave Key, Left-Hand F Key, Fork F Resonance Key

Pads: 8 Cork, 15 Felt Pads

Toneholes: Simplified Conservatoire (Semi-Automatic Octave System)

Body: Grenadilla

Keys: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys

Case included



Please note: wooden instruments are affected by humidity and temperature. As a result, the wood may expand and contract

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