Buffet Crampon 8201 Alto Saxophone

Buffet Crampon 8201 Alto Saxophone

IN STOCK: Pre-owned & in very good condition

PRICE: £438.00

The Buffet 200 Series Alto Saxophone features a brass body and keys, lightweight body with a post-to-body construction, engraved bell, simulated mother of pearl finger buttons, high F# key, gold lacquer finish, hard wood shell case.

Buffet Crampon started to produce their first saxophones in the middle 1800s, 20 years after the invention of this instrument by the Belgian Adolphe Sax. They were the first company to manufacture saxophones, besides those made by Adolphe Sax himself.

Type: Alto Saxophone
Key: Eb
Body: Brass (Lacquered)
Case: Included

Buffet Crampon 8201 Alto Saxophone

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