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Greensleeves is a duo (or maybe duet if we’re being musical) of music stores based in the North East of England based in the market town of Northallerton, and specialising in traditional musical instruments and sheet music.

At Greensleeves we stock a range of digital pianos (Kawai, Korg, Yamaha, Dexibell) | Acoustic Guitars (Lowden, Yamaha, Simon & Patrick, Takamine, Tangelwood) | Ukuleles (Snail, Ortega, Baton Rouge, Kai). We also stock – Violins, Flutes, Saxophones, Clarinets | Traditional folk instruments – Banjos & Dulcimers | Percussion | and much, much more…

Originally founded in 1985, the Northallerton store was opened in Central Arcade, just off the busy high street and primarily deals in traditional instruments and sheet music. In 2004, the Rock ‘n Roll shop “RockBox” (previously a few doors down the arcade) joined us and set up shop upstairs. Since then we’ve had a a move around and Greensleeves has moved upstairs and RockBox downstairs.

At RockBox we stock a range Guitars & Basses (Fender, Godin, Tokai, Yamaha, Gordon Smith) | Amplification (Fender, Blackstar, Peavey) | Boss Pedals | We also stock – PA Equipment, Microphones | Electronic Drums| Strings, Sticks | and much, much more…

If you visit our store you can be assured that our staff will bend over backwards to get you what you need – we match UK internet prices on the vast majority of our instruments so you can get a great deal AND ensure all our instruments are in top playing order, ready for whatever you demand of them!


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