Jerome Thibouville Lami ‘Sarasate Eleve’ Antique Violin

Circa 1910-1930 – This Violin from the shop of Jerome Thibouville-Lami is in great condition and has the most beautifully flamed Maple back & sides. Made in Mirecourt, France.

The forma inside reads as follows and identifies this as an Amati copy:

“Sarasate El d’apres Nicolaus Amatus Cremonen Hieronymi Fil ac Antonij Nenos Fecit 1659”

Also with the violin, is a Brazilwood bow of unknown origin that was with the violin when we took it in. It appears to be of a similar age visually. The frog is Ebony and is inlayed with mother of pearl and what appears to be Ivory. If the frog is taken off ‘XVI’ (16) is engraved on both the frog and bow itself.

We’ve set this up with Dominant Strings and are bundling it with a brand new shaped Hiscox hard case to keep it protected.

Feel free to try it out in our Northallerton store!